In recent months, WorkWell has benefited enormously from the part-time employment of Tameca Akum as Career Navigator for program participants. Tameca first came to us as a weekend volunteer, helping trainees build their resumes and develop interview skills. From the get-go, we were impressed by her invaluable practical advice about the interview process, as well as her dedication to the idea that returning citizens deserve a second chance. A few short months after she first volunteered, Tameca joined the WorkWell Advisory Board, and, in her current position,  has become a linchpin of the training program.

Tameca has a background in corporate human resources, having worked as a senior manager in sectors ranging from pharmaceutical and retail to financial and software services. With her organizational ability, vision, and people skills, she has made a seamless transition to the nonprofit world. Thanks to her initiative, WorkWell training has taken a more “real world” direction. Now, the focus from day one is on each trainee’s personal journey: participants gain insight into their background, work experience, skills, and potential barriers to employment. Early on, they identify what sort of work they want to pursue and the training tracks available. Under Tameca’s leadership, WorkWell has accelerated its effort to build relationships with employers that have second-chance programs and to follow up with trainees after graduation.

What drives her in this line of work? “I have a passion for supporting others in their journey to succeed,” Tameca replies. “It is rewarding to witness our trainees’ transformation and its potential impact on their lives and communities. I consider it both a responsibility and an honor to use my talents for the betterment of others.” As for WorkWell, we consider it an honor to have Tameca on board.