The pandemic reshaped organizations in all sorts of unpredictable ways. Commercial Cleaning Corporation (CCC) is a case in point. CCC provides cleaning services to schools, factories, and other venues in the greater Trenton area. When Covid hit, CCC lost some contracts but compensated by immersing itself in disinfection services, venturing into hospitals and schools loaded down with antibacterial products and Hazmat suits. While business flourished, its workforce shrank, and CCC found itself in need of employees.

Meanwhile, WorkWell was in need of employers to hire its graduates. That’s when a fortuitous meeting occurred. Kevin Stoner, CCC’s chief operating officer, ran into WorkWell’s executive director, Jeannette Rizk, at a Rotary Club event and the two organizations established a win-win partnership: WorkWell has provided a steady stream of employees to CCC, and CCC has found them to be among its most reliable workers. This is the sort of locally based partnership that fulfills WorkWell’s mission: Working together to equip returning citizens with job skills, dignity and hope.

What makes CCC such an excellent partner? First, it is Trenton-based and cares about the community. It also provides van service to some workplaces, which helps WorkWell graduates for whom transportation is typically a challenge. Just as important, the staff at CCC treat their employees with respect—critical for returning citizens who all too often struggle with judgments imposed on them by society. Proud to offer work to people who are serious about second chances, CCC doesn’t dwell on its employees’ past mistakes. As Kevin points out, “Part of being successful is feeling like you are successful.” We at WorkWell are in complete agreement; we look forward to continuing our work with CCC as we all adjust to the post-pandemic landscape.